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Online White Card Training

CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry (Online)

Do you have your USI! Without it, you will not be issued your white card or statement of attainment. If you do not currently hold a valid USI please click the following link to apply. For more information please follow this link or contact our office.

If you are a first time user please click on Sign Up in order to register for the course. If you allready registered please Login so you can start your online training.

During this training you will be required to successfully answer a total of 29 questions from 4 categories:

If you get the question wrong or just don't know the answer, please use the learner guide provided to assist you in answering correctly.

To begin the process of acquiring your Whitecard you must have with you the following items:

For people that live close to Down to Earth it is possible to utilise our equipment and record a video in our office.
Please contact us to make an appointment!

If you would like to complete/resume your training at another time, then please Log Out now or at any time during your training session.

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